Anti-Kremlin partisans attack targets in Russia/sự chống đối bên trong nước Nga của Putin

A group of anti-government Russian nationals has claimed responsibility for the attack on Russia’s Belgorod region; the Polish President is in London for a summit of Ukraine’s biggest European supporters; and a years-long impasse in Bulgarian politics may finally be coming to an end. This and much more in Tuesday’s edition of World News. Anastasia Sergeeva, the international secretary of the Civic Council, an organization that is recruiting Russians to fight against Putin’s regime and his army in Ukraine, was TVP World’s guest invited to shed more light on dissidents willing to stand up to the regime.

May 11, 2023 #RussiaUkraineWar#BBCWorldServiceIn Russia, it’s been dangerous for ordinary people to speak up against Vladimir Putin’s regime for years, but new censorship laws introduced since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 have made it tougher than ever.

Despite huge risks, Russian filmmakers have been filming the impact of the war inside their country. Whilst many thousands have fled, those that stayed are having to choose – to oppose, support or stay silent about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Why are Russians fighting for Ukraine in Russia? It makes Russia’s “internal security” much more uncertain Colonel Brendan Kearney, former chief of staff for the US Marines in Europe says Russian troops fighting for Ukraine will divert Vladimir Putin’s troops away from the frontline, .

DRAMATIC video shows a tank storming across the border from Ukraine into Russia today as anti-Putin soldiers claimed to have seized villages. Drones were also reportedly used in the “invasion” as explosions rang out along the frontier in the Belgorod region – where the local governor issued a desperate “don’t panic” message to residents.

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