phóng sự “chống Nga cứu nước “của dân và quân Ukraina theo kênh phóng viên độc lập Hromadske

Apr 30, 2023We are going to the infantry positions of the 28th Brigade by tracked infantry fighting vehicle. It’s too far on foot, and an ordinary off-road vehicle won’t get there. “When we get there, we have to quickly jump out and run to the dugout because they try to shell us when they see our IFV,” the soldiers tell us as they get into the vehicle. The infantrymen have been living in the trenches in Donetsk region for several months now. The most important thing in their work is not to stop digging and improving the trenches. “After we dug in, we have almost no KIA and WIA’,” says the unit commander. How the infantry works and lives in the Bakhmut sector – watch in a video by hromadske

Apr 26, 2023Iryna Dadak is the wife of the fallen volunteer, poet, and public figure Yurii Ruf. Every day she comes to visit her husband’s grave at the Lychakiv Military Cemetery in Lviv. On April 8, 2023, Iryna is met there by Nataliia, the wife of another fallen soldier, Taras Bobanych, better known by his call sign “Hammer,” commander of the 2nd Battalion of the Right Sector Volunteer Ukrainian Corps. April 8 is the anniversary of Taras’s death. The graves of Ruf and Bobanych are located next to each other. When Yuriy died, Taras posted the following: “Yurii, Yurii… It wasn’t supposed to be like this… Far from it! Thank you for everything! See you in better worlds”. They met ‘in better worlds’ a week later. hromadske’s journalist Mariana Pietsukh talked to Iryna and Nataliia about their current life a year after their loved ones’ deaths.

The Pochaiv Lavra is a ‘source’ of the ‘Russian world’ on the territory of a Stauropegian monastery in Ukraine.” This is a quote from the explanatory note to the draft resolution of the Ukrainian parliament, which demands that the government terminate the lease of the complexes of buildings of the Holy Dormition Pochaiv Lavra in the Ternopil region with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (previously bearing the appendix of “Moscow Patriarchate” church). hromadske journalist Mariana Pietsukh visited the Pochaiv Lavra to hear the parishioners’ opinions on the possible termination of the lease, but she heard much more. Also, in Ternopil, we met with Metropolitan bishop Nestor (Pysyk) of Ternopil and Kremenets, who was approved by the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (Kyiv Patriarchate) as the Holy Archimandrite of the religious organization Pochaiv Holy Dormition Lavra of the Ternopil Diocese of the OCU. At the end of March, the OCU began registering its monastery on the complex’s territory. We asked Metropolitan bishop Nestor how realistic it is to evict the UOC (Moscow Patriarchate) from the monastery because of the parliamentary resolution and whether he plans to go to Pochaiv soon.

From the first minutes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, hromadske has been working 24/7, thoroughly checking every news item in the information space. We film in hotspots and translate our content into Russian, English, and German. We record the crimes of the Russian occupation army to protect Ukraine and show the world the truth.

Apr 19, 2023Oleksandr Sokoliuk, call sign “Falcon” is a captain in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and head of the evacuation unit of the 93rd Brigade. He has been evacuating the wounded from the battlefield for precisely a year. First, from the vicinity of Izium, then for ten months from Bakhmut and its outskirts, and now from the town itself. We met Sokoliuk in December of 2022. He was taking the wounded from the vicinity of Bakhmut to a stabilization center in the city. At the end of February 2023, hromadske was in Bakhmut again on the street where the stabilization center was in December, but the street was shelled and fired upon by Russians. Today this street is already occupied. During the time we did not see Sokoliuk, four members of the medevac unit were killed. And a month ago, one of the medics of the Brigade —Yara — died on the way to Bakhmut for evacuation. Even before, “Falcon” did not allow his subordinates to go to the city to pick up the wounded because they were “young” and “should live and see the life.” Now, he mostly carries out evacuations from the city himself, even though he is the head of the unit. hromadske spent a day with Captain “Falcon”. We went to Bakhmut twice and returned twice. We also found a fresh grave in one of the yards and several civilians still staying in the city – even though the front line is already there. Bakhmut itself looks like a charred match. And the roads leading to it are “cemeteries” of hit military hardware and cars. During that day, “Falcon” evacuated ten wounded and sick soldiers out of the city, the road to which is a constant risk due to enemy shellings. When we said “Goodbye”, Sokol was called to Bakhmut again to pick up another wounded and one dead man.

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