Tài liệu xưa phản ảnh hình ảnh hôm nay :Bí mật của đảng Quốc Xã với Hitler !

Seventy years after the end of the world’s deadliest war, some grey areas in the different operations undertaken still remain… There are unknown facts, forgotten heroes, incredible deceptions, amazing stories of bravour, life changing decisions, without which the fate of the World would have been different. From the backstage of the D-day to some remaining mysteries behind the rise of Adolf Hitler, through the dark side of the Liberation, this series promises to reveal little-known facts behind the WWII’s major historical events. Thanks to colorized footage blended with interviews of renowned historians and testimonies of survivors from these epic moments, The Hidden Side of WWII sheds the light on these untold stories.\

Réalisateur : Christelle Gibert

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