mần răng mà Putin,minh chủ ,lãnh đạo thiên tài của Lê Văn Cu,Lê Thiều Mu…và những fans cuồng ,tiêu hết tài sản hàng tỷ Mỹ Kim/How Putin spends his billions ???!!

Russian President and billionaire Vladimir Putin is rumoured to have one of the most lavish lifestyles of anyone in the world– though he keeps a lot of it well hidden. He reportedly owns or has access to 20 different palaces and villas, 58 private planes, and at least 4 luxury yachts thanks to his fortune and Presidential role. His net worth has been estimated to be anywhere between $70 billion and $200 billion– which means he could potentially be the richest person in the world. What does Putin really spend all this money on? Million-dollar watches, specially-tailored bespoke suits and outfitting his private plane with luxuries like a gold toilet. His new home is a rumoured $1 billion Black Sea palace which has everything from an underground casino to a hockey rink. There are sculpture gardens, swimming pools and a helipad with space for 3 helicopters. The Russian president loves travelling via Mi8– he reportedly owns 15 of these choppers. He also has a thing for cars. He loves vintage Soviet-made classic cars but his official state car is an armoured limousine– the Aurus Senat. Putin is so rich that he’s received a superyacht as a gift from one of his billionaire friends. He has secret lavish apartments in unknown locations all over the world. Documents compiled by political rivals have revealed his taste for expensive furniture and the lavish rooms in a few of his many homes. From the Kremlin to The Graceful superyacht, here’s how Valdimir Putin spends his billions.

Written by: Courtney Hayes

Narrated by: Craig Freeman

Edited by: Andrew Gut

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