chuyện tham nhũng của “giai cấp kách mệnh vô sản bên… Tàu”-người áp bức người,bóc lột người,ba que xỏ lá/Corrupt China(the secret behind the state)-Java discover

They say that power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Realising that public anger at corruption was threatening the legitimacy of the Communist Party, President Xi Jingping launched a wave of corruption investigations when he came to power in 2012. ‘Economic crimes’ still carry the death penalty and in the past two years, over 300,000 officials have been punished – including ‘Red Prince’ and Politburo member, Bo Xilai. But is this enough to save the system? After all, as one protestor states: ‘If the people rise up….they are screwed.’ In China, where local Communist officials are omnipotent and everything from moving house to having a second child requires a permit, corruption has reached unprecedented levels. Billions of dollars have been embezzled and getting anything done usually involves paying a bribe. We go undercover to investigate the extent of corruption in China.

This film was first released in 2014.

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