“kách mệnh” Romania/Lỗ Mã Ni mùa Giáng Sinh 1989 lật đổ và hành quyết ” ba que xỏ lá” nhân danh vô sản-vua và hoàng hậu Ceausescu-Elena) cộng sản-thời kỳ “quá độ” từ độc tài lên “dân chủ tự do ” !!/30 De ani de democratie(1989-2019)

Phóng sự điều tra

At the end of the December 1989 Revolution, Ion Caramitru ended the TVR (Romanian Broadcasting Network) broadcast saying these words: “Let’s enjoy, happy days are coming!”. After 30 years, we wanted to make a film about how the days that followed were actually. About all the successes, disappointments and hopes that helped us to move forward. About the times when we were fearful and about when we were brave people. About how Romania has transformed in all these years. We read memoir books and articles from the press of the time, we spent tens of hours diging through video archives (from Romanian TV stations to international press agencies) and we tried to talk to all the politicians who ruled Romania during this period.

It resulted a three-hour documentary, but we hope it will be seen by the Tik Tok generation, who are said to get bored after 15 seconds. We have persisted in believing that this is not the case and that we can understand the recent history of Romania in a story that goes beyond age, level of education and political beliefs. This film does not claim to present absolute truths. It is following the transformation of Romania as seen by two journalists who were born in the mid-1980s and opened their eyes to a free country.

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