để bớt lo âu về covid-19 du lich hàm thụ vùng Dalsland của Thuy Điển/Sweden/Suède


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Dalsland Swedish pronunciation: [ˈdɑ̌ːlsland] is a Swedish traditional province, or landskap, situated in Götaland in southern Sweden. Lying to the west of Lake Vänern, it is bordered by Värmland to the north, Västergötland to the southeast, Bohuslän to the west, and Norway to the northwest.

The province has a low population density of around 14 inhabitants/km2 and just one town of significant size: Åmål. The total population numbers 50,604.[1] The uninhabited areas are characterized by dense forests in the northwestern uplands and lakes in the east, giving rise to the epithet, commonly used for Dalsland, of “Sweden’s lake province”.

The Latinized name Dalia, which was often used to name Dalsland in older prints, can still sometimes be encountered.

No other part of Sweden has its area covered with as many lakes as Dalsland does.[citation needed] Of its total area, around 450 km2 (170 sq mi) is water, but a part of lake Vänern (Sweden’s largest lake) is also belonging to the province.

From the shores of Vänern, one can sail through the river systems up to the mythical lake Stora Le. Stora Le has a length of 66 km (41 mi), whereof 37 km (23 mi) are within Dalsland, and the remaining part within the Värmland province, with a bay into Norway.

The terrain consists of 1/4 agricultural lands and 2/3 forested lands. The province’s southern part are suitable for agriculture, but there is a shortage of man-power to cultivate it.

Tresticklan is a national park in Dalsland. There are also several nature reserves.

The Dalsland Canal was completed in 1868 and has 28 locks in its length of 254 km (158 mi).

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