theo ông Tây John Saboa(kẹt lại Việt Nam) ghi cảnh phong toả vì cúm Tàu tại Nha Trang,Saigon,Đa Nẵng……

John Saboa

Nha Trang is normally a vibrant beach resort town hosting Vietnamese and international travellers with it’s world-class bay, beach, and sites. In Nha Trang, Life In Lockdown Vietnam, I talk through the streets and explore the current situation just before the lockdown and reminisce about my visit here in 2016. Some of my very sites here include The Long Son Pagoda, Nha Trang Cathedral, and the stunning Po Nagar Cham Towers. Unfortunately all of these sites have been closed since my arrival so I share images from my last trip. Nha Trang is really like most any other city in Southeast Asia that relies heavily on tourism, from locals and foreigners. Many changes have taken place it seems since my last visit include new shopping malls and supermarkets but the beach remains as it was from my memory, inviting and safe. Lockdown has not been easy and for me this is the strictest one I have been through in Vietnam since the pandemic began in March 2020. With patience and an aggressive roll-out of vaccinations hopefully business and life will begin to return to a more normal level of activity. I am especially hopeful for the all the small operators that rely on daily customers from the food cart sellers to the small independent restaurants for as speedy recovery as possible

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