viếng thăm thánh địa của Hồi Giáo :Saudi Arabia-Tarat

thăm viếng thánh địa của Hồi Giáo :Xứ Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia Travel 20 Days Tour Middle East. I had been in Saudi Arabia in March 2019, for a 20 days tour. This video is about my complete trip. My trip began in Islamabad when I boarded Airbus A 321. It was a 6 hours flight from Islamabad Airport to Jeddah Airport. Airbus was flying at 35000 feet above sea level. My tour was religious but also curious to know about Saudi Arabia. Jeddah Airport to Masjid Al Haram is about 100 Km. Muslim Pilgrims from different parts of the world come to Makkah to perform Hajj and Umra. I performed Umra in two hours. It is very easy and only four steps. Entering the state of Ihram. Tawaf of Kaaba. 7 rounds walking around Kaaba. Sa’yee, Walk between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Shaving or clipping of the hair. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is obligatory for every Muslim once in their lifetime, provided they are physically fit and financially capable. Hajj is performed over specific days during a designated Islamic month. However, Umrah can be performed at any time. Umra can be performed in less than a few hours while Hajj is more time-consuming, and involves more rituals. My stay was 7 days in Makkah city. Our Hotel was at Ibrahim Khalil road. Straight toward malik Fahd Gate. I met with some African Muslims from Nigeria, Ghan, and Mali. More than 10 million Muslims visit Makkah annually. After two days rest. I wanted to explore the city. so I decided to walk through Bazar, streets, and shops. There are many pigeons. kids love to play with pigeons. There is also free food for needy people. After Staying for Seven days in Makkah, I went to Madina By road. Makkah to Madina is about 450 Km. You can travel by road and high-speed railway. Rest areas along the road are good. It is a desert climate area. The bus driver was Pakistani from the Khushab Mianwali area. Madina is a holy city. The first capital of Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is buried here. The Pilgrims after performing hajj and Umra also visit Madina for the Pilgrimage of Masjid Nabawi, and the tomb of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Masjid Nabawi is a beautiful mosque. This is a second sacred mosque after Masjid Al Haram. I met there some Indonesian friends. Car parking is under the courtyard. The best option to explore Madina city is Hop on Hop off Double-decker tourism Bus. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. You can travel as many times as you want during this time period. day and night. This is the Hijaz Railway Station of the Usmani Caliphate era. Now is a museum. After 3 days of living in Madina, I went to see Badr Battlefield. It is 160 Km from Madina City. A bus takes two hours. on this route, Baer e Aroha, Baer Shifa, and, Abu Zar Ghaffar Valley are also located. After Staying 7 days in Madina, I returned to Makkah by Train. It is a high-speed train service. It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete its 450 Km journey. its max speed is 300 Km Per Hour. I also visited Arafat where Adam and Eve were reunited. The next day I went to Taif City. It is 90 Km from Makkah City. Taif city is beautiful and clean. Before leaving Makkah, I decided to travel on Saptco City Bus. It is very Cheap only in 3 Rials, you can explore the city. There are many Tunnels in Makkah City. After 20 Days I am going to Jeddah Airport to fly to Pakistan.


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