phút thư giản mùa ôn dịch :Xem tác phẩm điêu khắc trên đá cẩm thạch của nhà điêu khắc gốc Anh thế kỷ 19 Holme Cardwell

Signed Marble Sculpture


Holme Cardwell

Born 20 May 1813
Died 7 August 1895

Active: 1834 – 1895

Country of birth: England

Country of death: Italy


Born in Manchester. He attended the Royal Academy Schools in 1834 on the recommendation of Sir Francis Chantrey. Cardwell is said to have studied in Paris under David d’Angers for three years from 1841. During the late 1840s and early 1850s he worked in Manchester and London. Before 1856 he had returned to Rome where he remained and among the works he created there are an imposing tomb in the Non-Catholic Cemetery to the banker Aeneas Macbean (d.1864). This tomb is described as
“a very credible specimen of Mr Cardwell’s talent” in ‘Murray’s Handbook’ (see below). There are few details of Cardwell’s later life but he appears to have been made an honorary member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts in the 1890s.

This entry includes information submitted by Nicholas Stanley-Price who drew attention to the artist’s birth and death dates on his gravestone and the entry to the tomb of Aeneas Macbean in ‘Murray’s Handbook, Rome and its environs’, 13th edition (1881), pp.446-447.

There is a record for Holme’s gravestone at (accessed 5 January 2013).

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Man with stag, 1857–1857

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