theo chân một cậu Mỹ con ,Chris Lewis, sống kiểu ” Tây ba lô” tại Việt Nam

Chris Lewis

Hello guys! After 2 awesome weeks down in Saigon, it was time to leave and head back to the north, to my home in Hanoi. But rather than driving back to Hanoi by my bike, I thought it would be fun to make to show you what a night bus is like in Vietnam, and make an extra pit stop along the way in Gia Lai Vietnam, to explore the beautiful, mostly untouched western mountain nature of Vietnam. Night buses in Vietnam are not like other buses you’ve taken – they’re like something out of a movie. Disco colored lights, 2 floors withs beds, flying around corners and around other cars, buses, and motorcycles… It was a long night. After the long bus ride, we came to a tiny little place in the middle of nowhere. And after much confusion, inquiring, and haggling, we hired two sketchy bikes to take us 25km through the forest and to the top of a random mountain. It was there that we found serene pools, giant waterfalls, and a place to ourselves.

My buddy Phan Quốc in the video also has a Youtube channel, check it out: Il——————————————

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