Covid-19 pandemic updated at 1:00AM (ET) June/2/2021 and 10:34 PM June 1/21 PT-USA/ cập nhật Covid-19 tại Mỹ

Microbiology And Virology Background

Cases and deaths per 100K residents, by county

Values represent the seven-day moving average of daily reported cases per 100,000 residents for the period of May 26–June 1. We show a moving average to account for variations in the data caused by, for example, delays or errors in data reporting.CasesDeathsCurrent 7-day avg.All time0Less than 55 to 1111 to 2323 to 5858 or more

Total cases 33,287,124

Total deaths 595,211

On a per capita basis, North Dakota, Rhode Island and South Dakota have reported the most cases while New Jersey and New York are leading the country in deaths.

Reported cases and deaths

The figures below are based on data from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. These numbers are updated every 15 minutes and may differ from other sources due to reporting times. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow our live coverage.

LocationCases…per 100K peopleDeaths…per 100K people
New York2,102,86910,81053,329274
New Jersey1,016,49011,44426,219295
North Carolina1,003,2439,56613,101125
South Carolina593,26211,5239,736189
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Those numbers fail to paint a complete picture, however, since testing delays and a scarcity of tests likely left many Covid-19 cases and deaths undiagnosed, especially during the outbreak’s early stages.

In late March and early April, many state and local authorities began limiting large gatherings, closing non-essential businesses and ordering residents to stay in their homes, triggering a near-total national shutdown.

While many states managed to slow the virus’ spread, the economic toll prompted a debate over when and how businesses and schools should resume in-person operations.

In mid-April, the White House unveiled a three-phase plan that said states should meet certain “gating criteria” before taking steps to reopen. One of those benchmarks was for states to have a “downward trajectory of documented cases within a 14-day period.”

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