They don’t sell their souls;They sell your soul and my soul!” Poem by KHIEM CALI


Khiem Cali

When I came to America

 It was a heaven on earth 

It became my adopted mother 

And I love her deeply, with pride.

I love her

Almost as much as my real mom

I have been proud,

I have been well

I am telling you: America is great!

Yes, I said itAmerica is great 

Not only because of freedom 

Not only because of resources

But because of its people 

The people of kind hearts

The people of fairness 

The people of visions 

They have great visions

The vision of serving

The vision of caring

For the peace and freedom on earth 

But slowly and sadly 

We have been declining 

With the visions of selling

 The visions of giving away

 First we give away the “know-how”

Then we give away the jobs

Then we give away the market

Then we are selling our souls

We sell it to the Communist Chinese

Naive or stupid?

Initially we wanted to help

And share peace and prosperity

 But communist Chinese is different

 They have one goal:To dominate the world 

To control this world 

To take away our freedom 

And to eat our lunches and dinners 

Once a proud vision

Then the short vision

We have seen damages 

To our homeland

The beautiful homeland 

What’s left is the hope 

For a great leader

Who could bring back

 The spirit of AmericaIt was 2016

it was Trump and his MAGAIt was him who halted Chinese domination

He is the one

Who dares to confront China

He kept his promises

He brought back prosperity

He made peace deals

He isThe one who loves

The one who caresFor this beautiful land

Probably or convincingly,

Our best in the last 60 years Communist Chinese is scared of him

They activated a “political assassination”

They spread out COVID-19

They bought our media

They bought our broadcasts

They bought our politiciansFor only purpose:


Whether naive, or coward

The media and some politicians complied

They sold their souls

N itpicking everything

They bought hatred to Trump 

They polarized the country

For what? For what?

And worst of all: The art of brainwashing 

They unify in telling us what to believe 

And suppress all contrarian opinions 

They are taking away our freedom 

The freedom to decide:

The right versus wrong


I am deeply concerned 

We are all in the same boat

In turbulent ocean, with sharks surrounding

Can Captain Biden stay awake?

Can Harris have a good vision?

To see an iceberg coming

 To see the dangers of CCP

And to be able to stand up

I just hope I just pray

They don’t sell their souls

 Your soul and my soul!

Khiem Cali,


P.S. On the optimistic side let’s listen to an old quote:”When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell Let’s hope that new door is not the entry for CCP —

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