cựu TT (đế quốc giẫy chết nhưng chưa chết)Mỹ,Jimmy Carter trồng cây và cựu chiến binh dùng gỗ để làm đàn tặng cựu TT

At 95 years young, the former president and his wife were delighted and overjoyed with the presentation of this gift designed to honor this man that has dedicated his entire life to serving his community, his nation, and humanity as a whole. During his time in the White House, President Carter was a strong advocate for both environmental sustainability and music, hosting Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, Cher, and many others — and famously said, “If you have a voice and an instrument, you are welcome in my home.” The collaboration is bringing together exceptional guitar and ukulele makers (luthiers), music industry veterans (and military veterans) from all over the United States, along with renowned Swiss guitar makers, Relish Guitars! This unique partnership was created to help shine a light on environmental challenges as they relate to guitar craftsmanship and production, and how World Tree’s Eco-Tree Program may be the solution.

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