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Discover Marcin Patrzalek, the young polish genius of the guitar! 🎸💪

Marcin Patrzalek (born October 6, 2000) is a Polish percussive fingerstyle guitarist, composer and producer. He is known for combining fingerstyle, percussive guitar techniques as well as electronic and orchestral production.[1][2][3] He gained popularity in 2015 after winning the ninth edition of Polish talent show Must Be The Music,[4] the prize for which was 100,000 Polish złoty and an additional 100,000 złoty for promotion of his music on Polish radio station RMF FM.[5] After local success he went on to release his debut record HUSH, the release of which was accompanied by singles including Patrzalek’s percussive arrangement of Isaac Albéniz’s “Asturias”;[6] the video of the arrangement was released through fingerstyle label CandyRat Records. In subsequent years Patrzalek’s popularity grew rapidly beyond Polish borders due to multiple viral releases online. His videos were posted by notable publishers such as Metal Hammer and Classic FM, as well as independently.[7][1] Patrzalek’s performances have amassed around 80 million views online, the main contributors to this number being his solo acoustic guitar arrangements of Beethoven’s fifth symphony“Toxicity” by System of a Down and Paganini’s “Caprice no. 24”.

In 2018 Patrzalek became an official endorser of Ibanez acoustic guitars.[2][3] At the end of the same year he won the 5th edition of major Italian TV talent show Tu Si Que Vales, broadcast by Canale 5,[8] receiving a standing ovation from the judges for the first time ever in the show. The prize for winning was €100,000.[9]

Patrzalek started playing the guitar at age 10 when he picked up classical guitar under the guidance of local teacher Jerzy Pikor.[5][10] After two years he started studying flamenco techniques, being taught by Spanish guitarist Carlos Pinana. Later, at age 13, Patrzalek started playing fingerstyle on an acoustic guitar.[2][5] It quickly became his main instrument and after around a year of self-taught practice in 2015 he won the ninth edition of Polish talent-show Must Be The Music. Around that time he started creating electronic music on his computer and combining it with guitar playing, which later resulted in the creation of his debut record HUSH. In March 2018 it was announced that Patrzalek became an official endorser of Ibanez guitars – he plays the AE900-NT and AVD80-NT models.

In 2016, Patrzalek released his debut LP, HUSH. The album is composed of ten pieces: six original tracks (acoustic guitar with electronic and orchestral production elements), two arrangements and two electronic remixes. The album was released independently on October 7, 2016, with distribution in Poland by Polish label My Music.[11] In the same year Patrzalek became a finalist in the International Fingerstyle Competition Guitar Masters and next year won first prize in the International Classical Guitar Joaquin Rodrigo Competition.[12]

In 2018 Marcin Patrzalek became the winner of a major talent show for the second time. He was victorious in the fifth edition of Tu Si Que Vales in Italy. During his audition Patrzalek played his Beethoven’s 5th Symphony arrangement and received four positive votes from the judges as well as 100% “yes” votes from the live studio audience; the judges gave Patrzalek a “golden buzzer” pass to the final. There he performed original arrangements of “Asturias” combined with “Innuendo” by Queen. Patrzalek competed against three other contestants in the final and won with over 50 percent of votes from the television audience.[8][9]

On November 12, 2018, Patrzalek released his first EP titled revAMP, a compilation of his most popular arrangements. Earlier in the year an original single was released titled “Baba Yaga”.[6]


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