Vietnamese monks ordered to stop scamming faithful with ‘bad karma eviction’ ceremonies


Vietnamese monks ordered to stop scamming faithful with ‘bad karma eviction’ ceremonies

Posted Sat at 7:03am

Rooftops and a view from above of a crowd of people attending the Ba Vang pagoda.

PHOTO: Monks at the pagoda teach that all misfortune is due to bad deeds in previous lives. (AP: Vietnam News Agency)RELATED STORY: How ‘fake news’ is used and abused in Southeast AsiaRELATED STORY: Inside the Joss House Temple, home to fortune and family

Vietnamese authorities have ordered monks at a popular Buddhist pagoda to stop “soul summoning” and “bad karma eviction” ceremonies after an investigation found the rituals were a scam.

Key points:

  • Scam victims paid up to $19,000 to monks to “vanquish bad karma”
  • The monks also teach that homosexuality comes from bad karma and should be “cured”
  • A speaker connected to the pagoda blamed a 20-year-old woman for being gang-raped and murdered

Tens of thousands of worshippers have been paying the 18th-century Ba Vang pagoda between 1 million and several hundred million dong ($60 to $19,000) to have their bad karma vanquished, according to the state-run Lao Dong newspaper.

The Committee for Religious Affairs, a government body, issued a statement on its website saying “the ritual goes against Buddhist philosophy and violates Vietnam’s law on religion and folk beliefs”.

“It has a negative impact on social order and security,” it said.

Calls to the pagoda have gone unanswered.

Monks at the pagoda teach that all illnesses and misfortune result from bad deeds in previous lives.

Three times a month they “summon wandering souls” and “remove bad karma”.

During these two-day ceremonies, they demand donations, supposedly representing good deeds, to help cure bad karma and make up for supposed bad deeds in previous lives.

Such rituals have been going on for years, but the practice has drawn unfavourable attention because the amounts demanded by the monks soared to the point where they began taking payments by bank transfers and in instalments.M

Public outrage flared when an inspirational speaker associated with the pagoda blamed a victim for being gang raped, saying she had committed evil acts in a past life, in comments posted on the pagoda’s website and on social media.

The 20-year-old college student was taken hostage and raped by five men for two days before she was killed on the eve of Lunar New Year on February 5.

“The teaching was hurtful and disrespectful to the soul of my daughter,” the woman’s mother was quoted as saying to official newspaper Tuoi Tre.

The monks also teach that homosexuality comes from bad karma and should be “cured” by having people of the opposite sex spend time together.

“Vindictive wandering souls follow people,” the abbot of the pagoda, Thich Truc Thai Minh, told followers during a gathering that was live streamed on Thursday.A

“They bring you illness, marriage problems and make your children unwell.”

A reporter for Lao Dong shot a video at the pagoda showing a monk telling another woman, who was distraught over losing her only child: “It’s your karma. In [a] previous life, you were a witch.”

“And the wandering soul says it will take your life, too. Not just your child,” the monk said.

Ba Vang pagoda was built on a mountain slope in Uong Bi district of Quang Ninh province.

Only a minority of Vietnam’s 95 million people follow Buddhism, but many non-Buddhists go to pagodas and temples and practice a form of folk religion that includes some Buddhist practices.

A gold monk statue in front with three painted monk statues sitting behind at a pagoda in Hanoi.

PHOTO: Statues in Hanoi honouring departed monks are treated with reverence. (Flickr: shankar)


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