Người Việt phải rời quê hương thứ nhất để phục vụ quê hương thứ hai.

Tướng Mỹ gốc Việt Lương Xuân Việt
Đại Tá hạm Trưởng Lê Bá Hùng
Phi hành gia NASA Eugene Trịnh

Did you know that Asian American Pacific Islanders have served in the United States military since the War of 1812? Refugee, immigrant and now citizen Lieutenant Colonel Lan Dalat is one of them.

Today, over 65,000 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders serve in the United States military. In fact, the story of AAPIs in service has been seen at every turn: at the birth of our nation, during the Civil War, in both World Wars, and current-day conflicts.

As they have answered the call to duty, we must answer to ours. We need to honor and give care to those who served in America’s armed forces.

How can we honor all heroes, past and present? How can we provide care for the unique needs of our AAPI veterans? AARP has a lot of ways to repay the dedication veterans have shown, and to support their families. 

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