Autumn fragance-by Vương Thanh

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Vương Thanh

Vuong Thanh

                                              nắng chiều3

Lady Autumn has finally, to my mountain abode, arrives
Move over, Miss Summer with your burning hot smile
The new air, moist and fresh, although a little chilly
imbued with the scents of nostalgia and poetry
to make one’s soul wander into a romantic dream…

I dream of a faraway place
where there’s a moonlit river
and, of course, there’s always a girl
Ah, but she seems to me more like an angel,
With raven-black hair, silken and lustrous,
flowing down her gracious shoulders…

Her eyes, depthless orbs of the infinite soul,
Sometimes they can be mysterious Black Holes
that pulls in your heart, and then you’re totally lost!

Oftentimes, they reflect the vast starry sky,
With the silver crescent moon lit up in a happy smile…

thiếu nữ áo hồng đẹp

But the magic really happens when she sings
The wandering clouds stop their aimless driftings
The forest birds stop their merry-making tweets
The river currents stop flowing for many a heartbeat…

All listen to the melody floating in the air
Is it really coming from the lips of a damsel, 
Or is this music from a heavenly realm bestowed…

Words are forgotten, but the melody of her voice
Soft and clear like mount’n brook water
Caressing like ivory rays of moonlight,
Soothing like a homeland lullaby,
Warming one’s heart in the darkness of the night…

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