Đọc lại “Le train de ma vie/The train of my life /chuyến tàu của đời tôi” của cố nhà văn Pháp Jean D’Ormesson



Train de ma vie

In 2009, the writer Jean d’Ormesson published an unexpected book: The Child who was waiting for the train . This is the story of a little boy who dreams of getting on a train, who gets sick and sees his hopes fly away. His parents decide to take him to the station, at the risk of the inevitable. Here is a text of the author who is inspired by it.

Jean d’Ormesson passed away on December 5, but the words of a great philosophy that he wrote on paper throughout his life will survive him. An example: this particularly inspiring text entitled The Train of My Life . A journey from birth to death, reminiscent of the essentials of existence.

Photo credit: Jack Anstey – Unsplash

The train of my life

“At birth, we get on the train and we meet our parents.

And we believe they will always travel with us.

Yet at a station, our parents will get off the train, leaving us alone to continue the journey …

As time passes, others get on the train.

And they will be important: our siblings, our friends, our children, even the love of our life.

Many will resign (even possibly the love of our life), and leave a greater or lesser emptiness.

Others will be so discreet that we will not realize they have left their seats.

This trip by train will be full of joys, sorrows, expectations, greetings, goodbyes and goodbyes.

The success is to have good relations with all passengers provided we give the best of ourselves.

We do not know which station we will go down to, so let’s live happily, love and forgive.

It is important to do so because when we get off the train, we will have to leave only beautiful memories to those who will continue their journey.

Let’s be happy with what we have and thank heaven for this fantastic trip.

Also, thank you for being a passenger on my train.

And if I have to go down to the next station, I’m glad I’ve come a long way with you.

I want to tell everyone who reads this text that I thank you for being in my life and traveling on my train. “

Photo credit: 
Antoine Beauvillain – Unsplash

Beautiful words that invite us to get to the point, to savor the moment and to express our gratitude for the beautiful people who illuminate our lives.jean-d-ormesson


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