Le Bohemien/The Bohemian,Charles Aznavour,vừa ra đi về cõi theo quy luật của đất trời !


Charles Aznavour,

French-Armenian singing star, dies at 94

Horizon Weekly Newspaper

Je vous parle d’un temps

Que les moins de vingt ans

Ne peuvent pas connaître


I tell you about a time

those less-than-20 years-old cannot know about xxxx


Montmartre en ce temps-là

Accrochait ses lilas

Jusque sous nos fenêtres

Et si l’humble garni


Montmartre, at that time,

hung its lilacs right up to our windows,

even to our humble furnished (room)xxxx


Qui nous servait de nid

Ne payait pas de mine

C’est là qu’on s’est connu

Moi qui criais famine

Et toi qui posais nue

mưa Paris1


That served us as a (love-)nest –

didn’t look like much

It was there that we knew each other

Me, crying hunger,

and you, posing in the nude xxxx


La bohême, la bohême

Ça voulait dire on est heureux


The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

That meant “one is happy” xxxx

La bohême, la bohême

Nous ne mangions qu’un jour sur deux.


The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

We only ate once every two days.


Dans les cafés voisins

Nous étions quelques-uns

Qui attendions la gloire

Et bien que miséreux


In the neighbouring cafes

We were some people

that waited for glory (fame)

and although miserable xxxx

mưa Paris


Avec le ventre creux

Nous ne cessions d’y croire

Et quand quelques bistrots

Contre un bon repas chaud


with empty stomacs

we never ceased believing ..(

in it) and when some pub

in exchange for a warm meal xxxx


Nous prenaient une toile

Nous récitions des vers

Groupés autour du poële

En oubliant l’hiver


We accepted a painting (a canvas)

We recited verses gathered around

the stove forgetting about winter xxxx


La bohême, la bohême

Ça voulait dire tu es jolie



The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

That meant “you are pretty” xxxx

La bohême, la bohême

Et nous avions tous du génie.

The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

and all of us had genius (were geniuses) xxxx

Souvent il m’arrivait


Devant mon chevalet

De passer des nuits blanches

Retouchant le dessin


Often it occured to me

Before my easel

I spent sleepless nights

touching up the drawing xxxx

Paris lut

De la ligne d’un sein

Du galbe d’une hanche

Et ce n’est qu’au matin

Qu’on s’asseyait enfin


of the line of a breast

of the figure of a hip

it is not until to the morning

one sat down at last xxxx


Devant un cafté crème

Épuisés mais ravis

Fallait-il que l’on s’aime

Et qu’on aime la vie


before a café-crème exhausted,

but delighted It must have been

that we loved each other,

and that we loved life xxxx


La bohême, la bohême

Ça voulait dire On a vingt ans

mưa Paris2

The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

That meant “one was twenty years old” xxxx


La bohême, la bohême

Et nous vivions de l’air du temps.


The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

And we lived the spirit of the age xxxx


Quand au hasard des jours

Je m’en vais faire un tour

A mon ancienne adresse


When, some radom days

I go out and take a walk

to my old address xxxx


Je ne reconnais plus

Ni les murs ni les rues

Qui ont vu ma jeunesse


I no longer recognise

neither the walls, nor the streets

that saw (witnessed) my youth xxx

Paris d'aujourd'hui12

En haut d’un escalier

Je cherche l’atelier

Dont plus rien ne subsiste


At the top of a stairway

I search for the workshop

of which nothing remains xxxx


Dans son nouveau décor

Montmartre semble triste

Et les lilas sont morts


In its new décor Montmartre

looks sad And the lilacs have died. xxxx


La bohême, la bohême

On était jeunes On était fous


The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

We were young, we were crazy xxxx


La bohême, la bohême

Ça ne veut plus rien dire du tout.


The Bohemian, The Bohemian.

It doesn’t say (mean) anything at all anymore.

Charles Aznavour

French-Armenian musician Charles Aznavour has died at the age of 94, his spokeswoman confirmed.

The singer and songwriter, who had returned from a concert tour of Japan last month, died in his home in Alpilles in southeastern France.

He had to cancel several concerts last year after breaking his arm in a fall.

Sometimes described as France’s Frank Sinatra, his career spanned over 80 years. His most famous songs include She and Dance in the Old Fashioned Way.

He sold over 180 million records and was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN in 1998. Aznavour recorded more than 1,400 songs and appeared in more than 60 films. He performed on stage into his 90s.

He was married three times and had six children.

Charles Aznavour, Singer, Actor, Humanitarian

Among France’s most popular singers, Charles Aznavour is known as the country’s Frank Sinatra. He was discovered by none other than Edith Piaf, who was so impressed by his voice that she took him with her on tour.
Aznavour was born in Paris, France. He was born Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian in  Paris, the son of Armenian immigrants. His parents were from Javakhk in modern-day Georgia and Smyrna in modern-day Turkey.

Horizon Weekly Newspaper

Claim to fame
He has been active for over 60 years, having written some of the most memorable French songs of the past century and establishing himself as one of the classic singers of the chanson genre. Besides his several solo tours, he has also performed with some of the most famous entertainers of the time, including Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Youssou N’Dour and Bob Dylan.
After the massive earthquake in Armenia in 1988, he led a significant humanitarian effort to raise awareness and funds for those stricken.
In 2009 he was appointed ambassador of Armenia to Switzerland and he also became Armenia’s delegate to the United Nations in Geneva.
What he said
“I write songs like an author. I tell a story and if the story is a good one, then the song that comes from that is a good one as well.”
“In my audience I have all religions, all colors, all incomes, all languages…I’m open to everyone who likes my songs.”
“I say to young people, don’t be too proud, just do the work.”
What others said
“Entertainer of the century.” – CNN/TIME Poll
A “French pop deity.” – Stephen Holder, New York Times
“The master of the chanson.” – Deutsche Welle
“…considered one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time…” – Huffington Post
“…France’s most famous crooner…” – The Hollywood Reporter

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