Venezuela is a strong warning to socialists/Sự thất bại của Venezuela là một cảnh báo cho cái gọi là XHCN( không tưởng)



a warning to ‘pie-in-the-sky’ (bánh vẽ)socialists

Venezuela is a strong warning to socialists( Varney)

FBN’s Stuart Varney on what ‘pie-in-the-sky’ socialists in America can learn from the chaos in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a corrupt, socialist dictatorship with a rapidly collapsing economy. And it’s on our doorstep.

giới giàu có ở Venezuela1

thiểu số giàu có ăn ngon mặc đẹp

giới giàu có ở Venezuela

What should we do? My opinion: nothing, yet. This mess is not of our creation. It’s not our fault. And if we intervened in any way, we would be accused of Yankee imperialism. Latin America would rally to the anti-Trump cause.

If you’re just catching up on the news, this is what happened in Venezuela over the weekend. President Maduro is watching a military parade. A drone explodes nearby. Bodyguards cover him with blast blankets. The assembled soldiers run for cover. Maduro says it was an assassination attempt. He’s cracking down.

Venezuela protest1

đa số nghèo đói biểu tình và tìm cách ra khỏi nước

dân venezuela vượt biên

Any way you slice it, Maduro looks bad. His own people are coming after him, and his own troops run.

His regime is collapsing. There’s no regular water supply. Power goes out most of the time. There’s no food, or medicine, and crime is surging. The end is surely close.


But again, if America were to intervene, Venezuela’s agony may actually be extended. Send in the military or the CIA, and Maduro becomes a martyr. Send food and Maduro uses it to extend his power. Maybe an offer of safe passage for him to Cuba might be the best way of getting him out!


Maduro lái xe mần lãnh đạo !

Maybe Venezuela is best used as an example for our own socialists here in America. Socialism is making great strides among young people. It could be one of those “teaching moments.” After all, in our schools and colleges socialism is often held up as something wonderful: the sight of Venezuelans eating out of trash cans might open some eyes.

Let’s be clear: Venezuela is done. It is not our fault. Not our responsibility. But it’s a strong warning to the pie-in-the-sky socialist dreamers.

Venezuela inflation1

venezuela ìnlation

lạm phát phi mã !!

( cố TBT Lê Duẫn : các nước tư bản bóc lột mới sợ lạm phát,XHCN chúng ta nếu thiếu tiền thì in ra mà xài )

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