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In The Photo: Hryykstg German delivers in most crushes the “certification act”, 23.3.1933

Alec Yefremov

“אבל מה הבעיה בחוק הלאום?”, שאל אותי מישהו השבוע, “דבר איתי בסעיפים”.
אז זהו, שהבעיה אינה “בסעיפים”.

יכול להיות שאנשים שכחו, ולכן כדאי להזכיר:
מי שמכיר קצת היס

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” but what’s wrong with the national law?”, ask me someone this week, ” talk to me on counts “.
So that’s it, the problem isn’t on “counts”.People may have forgotten, which is why you should mention:
Who knows a little history knows that in most cases fascism does not come and declare: ” Hey, I am fascism “. usually the thing happens in theft, gradually, in ” processes “.
Long before the fascists in Italy took out all parties except for the fascist party, and long before şhryykstg (German Parliament) enacted in 1933 the law that authorized Hitler to be the sole leader of Germany by eliminating the powers of hryykstg himself (“the law of certification”) occurred in these two countries, the gradual processes that lasted years in bʼytlh and over a decade in Germany
At any point in this process, the forces that were not identified with the fascist socialist parties, which means the moderate forces are more than the conservative right, through the center to the left and the left, not imagine, nor in their most dreams, where they will lead these processes. Every step of the process seems to be a reasonable measure in the circumstances. No stage has been declared the abolition of democracy and the establishment of the totalitarian regime.
When it came to this, it was no longer possible to prevent it because there was no one to prevent the forces that could withstand the destruction of democracy – the socialist left, the free media and the independent justice system – were gradually eliminated before.Even the national law in Israel does not declare, in any of the its, the regime will be based on the superiority of the Jewish race But a musical ear will recognize the tune: a state legislative law that determines the character of its regime, insist, despite many reservations submitted, including by the hospital of coalition, not to include the words equality and democracy. It’s a signal that is unclear about the nature of the regime that the state is aiming for, even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow morning.It’s better to remember that even in Germany that the forces forces were never able to conquer the power without the passivity to bring in the moderates, mostly the center parties. Without the support, which explained these parties by not being so bad and when they were to come to power they must have been yţmţnw, without their criminal naive, the processes would never have come to the ripe side.
That’s how much the parties were drugged and the condition of the process of elimination of the authorities authorities in Germany, even after a lot of lines and all the bells that could ring a rang, the center party in Germany still found fit to vote along with Hitler on the “Certification Act” and thus help him cancel the parliamentary Oh, my God.” Donkey of all “, reporter this week mordechai qrmnyẕr on the law of nationality, ” that he may change, over time, also those who oppose him “.
That’s the point. The process process seems to be at every single point of time, of context, reasonable, or at least ” not terrible “, not something that will make people say ” up here “. the problem is that you have to say ” up here “, And There’s no one to say.

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