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Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin Attends Unveiling Ceremony of Boundary Tablet Which Is Part of the First Joint Inspection of China-Laos Boundary


On April 11, 2011, officials from China and Laos held an unveiling ceremony of a new boundary tablet at the Mohan-Boten border crossing point. The ceremony, which was part of the two countries’ first joint inspection of boundary, gathered Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin and Hiem Phommachanh, deputy foreign minister of Laos.

China and Laos are friendly neighbors linked by mountains and rivers and both peoples enjoy a time-honored friendship, Liu said when addressing the ceremony. With the two sides’ joint efforts, China and Laos enjoy a generally explicit and stable border, and boast robust border cooperation. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of China-Laos diplomatic ties, China is willing to take this opportunity to enrich bilateral partnership of comprehensive strategic cooperation and uplift the level of mutually beneficial cooperation, with the hope of being a good neighbor, good friend, good comrade and good partner of Laos forever, Liu said.

China-Laos borderline, which lasts 505 kilometers, was officially demarcated in 1993. During this inspection, the two sides will check and confirm their borderline, and renew the boundary markers.

Chinese Ambassador to Laos Bu Jianguo, and more than 100 representatives from the two countries’ relative departments of diplomacy, defense and public security and local governments also attended the ceremony.

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