Don’t fall in love, stay in love !!

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Don’t fall in love. Stay in love. !!

stay in love
When Fred first met Helen on the grounds of Harvard, he knew he’d found someone special. They had one memorable date before Fred shipped off to Europe to fight in WWII. After four years at war, Fred returned to Cambridge and tracked down the college girl who had captivated his heart. They married soon after his return.Helen and Fred stayed in love through 68 years of marriage, six children, and a lifetime of adventures. A schoolteacher in a low-income migrant community, Helen was a passionate civil rights activist willing to march for her beliefs. Watching his wife from the protest sidelines with pride, Fred was a reserved engineer whose work included classified projects he couldn’t discuss.Despite their differences, and their occasional arguments, Helen and Fred made their love work — by talking, listening, and learning from each other. Though it wasn’t always pretty, their love grew more beautiful with every passing year. Hear how Fred and Helen discovered that staying in love is more important than falling in love. Then join us for a free lunch and tour and share your favorite love story with us.
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