SMALL by Grace Sanders

guitar trên bãi biển


Grace Sanders1

Grace Sanders

Grace Sanders2

Grace Sanders3

I try to make myself small
To fit within the spaces that you called
My own where I expand and I breathe
Why’d I let you define the boundaries?
I try to stay in my place
Keep my needs within the confines of that space
I want to be everything you need
Where inadequacies scream back at me
I, gotta let myself be,
I gotta let me do me You,
you gotta let me go-
if it means you can grow
I don’t believe it’s easy
Like you’ll meet somebody, then you’re complete
But everything I knew has been erased
And I sit with naïve notions in their place
I’m stubborn and I just can’t let it go
Despite the clues that tell me its so
So I stand, I am resigned to my fate
I’ll withhold the storm, till I break…
You, you gotta set me free,
you gotta let me breathe I, you’re the thorn in my side…
and the apple of my eye
Grace Sanders4
Grace Sanders5

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