Hai nữ nhạc sĩ dương cầm song sinh mù :Paula & Fabiana Chávez


Vươn lên từ số phận

Paula & Fabiana Chávez 

Piano Duo

the blind twin sisters

Fabiana and Paula Chávez

Hai nữ nhạc sĩ dương cầm song sinh,mù

Identical twins Fabiana and Paula Chávez, pianists, music researchers and music educators, distinguished by the press as a great example of perseverance and resilience.Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, they studied music at Santa Ana Institute and obtained their bachelor degree in Musical Arts from IUNA (National University of Arts). Fabiana and Paula performed in several concert halls in Buenos Aires and participated in numerous master classes and seminars of prominent artists such as: Rosalyn Turek, Miguel Angel Estrella, Elsa Púppulo, Ivan Citera and Eduardo Hubert.In 1986 Fabiana and Paula Chávez founded a piano duo specialized in piano 4 hands performances.These young twin sisters started gradually losing their vision due to a genetic disease that left them almost completely blind.This condition allows Fabiana and Paula Chávez to develop an important activity as researchers to contribute visually impaired piano students to solve reading music scores and technical problems related to this disability.Their published works: Studies Strategies for Blind Pianists, (Bahía Blanca Argentina), Adaptive Music Technologies for the Blind, (Buenos Aires Argentina), the inclusion of Visually Impaired Students in Music Training Institutions, (Rosario Argentina), and Musical Performing and Adaptations to Compensate for Vision Loss, (Sao Paulo Brazil).After a period of closure, the piano duo started again performing, overcoming the difficulties concerned with visual disability.The activity of Paula and Fabiana Chávez was promoted through media and ICTs: National Classic Radio, Del Plata Radio, Metro 95.1, Páginas Musicales Magazine, Clarín Newspaper, Closer Magazine (Germany), C’est Dit Magazine (France), Globo Internacional (Brazil), BBC Brazil, Telefé Argentina Tv, Arpeggio TDA Radio-Tv, and many others.This twin sisters’ piano duo implemented a new project which is focused on the relationship between music training and visually impaired students, to break down barriers and obstacles.In Music Education field, Paula and Fabiana Chávez work in various educational institutions for children and young people, including music education for students with additional needs or disabilities

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