Võ thuật :Bruce Lee(Lý Tiểu Long) hạ Ted Wong trong trận đấu(thật) ghi lại ngày xưa

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Nguyen Phuong Hung


Bruce Lee Destroys Ted Wong In His Only REAL Recorded Fight

OMG! Those blows are unbelievable! The other guy had no chance whatsoever! This is Bruce Lee is the main reason we all like martial arts. He is the only reason your father and grandfather liked martial arts. He is a legend that will never die. Unfortunately, we only know about his sick skills from watching the movies he starred in. Not anymore! This is a footage of his only recorded REAL fight. This is a live video recording of Bruce Lee’s MMA confrontation against his top martial arts student Ted Wong. They must wear the protective gear because they are not allowed to fight without it, according to the state rules of the time. As you can see, Bruce Lee is basically playing games with the other guy. It is a show of total domination in the ring. There is not a moment where Bruce Lee is either surprised or not under control. It is amazing to watch even after several replays. He truly is a master of his trade.

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