Hoa nở trên sa mạc(của các ông Hoàng dầu lửa Á Rập)


45 triệu đóa hoa nở giữa sa mạc ở Dubai

Giữa sa mạc khô cằn và rộng lớn của Dubai, vườn hoa Dubai Miracle Garden hiện lên như một thứ phép lạ, thu hút sự quan tâm của hàng nghìn du khách tới tham quan.

  • The Dubai Miracle Garden features over 45 flower species imported from all over the world 
  • A multitude of shaped archways, flowerbeds and structures can be seen at the 18-acre site
  • The colourful array is watered by a system that recycles waste water while avoiding evaporation
  • vườn hoa Dubai1

Dubai Miracle Garden is world’s biggest flower garden. It is situated in the North West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange

 Vườn hoa Dubai2

This amazing tourist attraction is a Guinness Record Holder for the Largest Vertical Garden. Also popular is the heart shaped flower beds at the Alley of Hearts

vườn hoa Dubai3


Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 45 million blooming flowers with stunning colour combinations achieved through 45 different species of flowers

 Dubai garden4

Bordered by windmills, this area provides parking, sitting areas, a prayer room and shops for visitors to Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai garden5


The Dubai Miracle Garden features a sensational 45 million flowers over a 18-acre site, from breathtaking flowerbeds to heart-shaped archways and adorned castles

 Dubai garden6

The spectacular bonanza provides a colourful oasis for the eyes of city workers, who can escape to the natural splendour

 Dubai garden7

In order to create a fresh experience for guests visiting the rainbow gardens, the displays are changed seasonally

 Dubai garden8

These have included millions of flowers in the shape of the UAE’s flag, floral clock, a Ferrari car with driver decorated by flowers, a vertical buried car zone, flower apple structures, artificial animals, flower boats and an Islamic Arch Design

 Dubai garden9

At the moment, there are 45 species of flowers in the garden, which are imported in from all around the world

 Dubai garden10

If the natural landscape was not incredible enough, what makes this attraction particularly impressive is the unique sub-surface irrigation system that recycles waste water via drip irrigation while avoiding evaporation and saving up to 75 per cent of water and energy

 Dubai garden11

A fantasy flower house at the Miracle Garden, which has plants growing over its turrets, doors, walls and towers

 Dubai garden12

A pathway shaded by umbrellas at the Miracle Garden, provides a colourful walkway for visiting guests

 Dubai garden13

Peacock topiary covered in an array of colourful flowers at the largest natural flower garden in the world

Dubai garden14 

There is no limit to the imagination gone into the design of the gardens, which include flowers streaming like hair from a giant human

 Dubai garden15

Barrels tipping streams of flowers, and peacocks with colourful plumages are featured in the creative attraction 

 Dubai garden16

Even Disney characters such as Mater from Cars can be seen at the Dubai oasis, of course decorated with flowerbeds

Dubai garden17 

Giant structures can be viewed in the park, covered from top to bottom in an array of flowers


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